About Us

StatStak is the epicenter of athletic data. We are radically redesigning athletic data dissemination by creating an athlete-centric data storage solution, thus empowering athletes to take transparent control over their data analytics, dissemination, and integrated application within their developmental environment.

Where We Started

“When I transferred from JUCO ball to the ACC, I was awed by the quantity and complexity of data collection that occurred on a daily basis. The awe quickly faded to frustration that I didn’t have access to this level of analytical insight earlier in my career. We’re building what I wish I’d had. Modernized data collection and intuitive analytics creation. Simple software that works how it should.”

-Eli Herrick, Co-Founder & CEO

“As a professional baseball player, it is my job to be at my best every day. With performance being measured by so many data sources in modern baseball, it is essential for me to have all of my data in one place. We built StatStak to solve that problem, putting all of my data in my pocket and getting my coaches and me on the same page.”

-Graeme Stinson, Co-Founder & Pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays